SLIYn vuosikokous 24.3. klo 18:00

Tervetuloa SLIYn vuosikokoukseen 24.3. klo 18:00 Tieteiden talolle (Kirkkokatu 6).
Kokouksen jälkeen on luvassa erittäin mielenkiintoinen esitelmä:

Professor Alexander Knysh will give a lecture entitled ”Islam and Empire in the Northern Caucasus”. He will discuss the Russian conquest of the Caucasus and the local resistance movements there that led to the First Caucasus War of 1834-1864 and the subsequent exodus of the Muslim population of the area to Turkey and the Middle East. The lecture will also address the situation in the area under the Soviet regime and the recent developments including the Russo-Chechen war and its aftermath, especially the emergence of the Islamic Emirate in the region that continues to fight against the Russian state and its local representatives.